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It appears our winter storms may finally be over and warmer days are ahead of us. Now is the perfect time to clean your window and door screens. Why bother cleaning window screens you ask? Cleaning window screens is essential to remove dust trapped inside the screen mesh. When high winds hit screens, the screen ripples causing a whipping effect. This whipping effect causes the screen to release fine trapped dust in the mesh and thrusts it against the glass of the window. With time, this effect can cause fine sandblasting on your window glass giving the window a filmy appearance that will not wash off. The best way to avoid sandblasting of your windows is to wash your window screens at least once a year, particularly those of us who live in the southwest where high winds are a regular occurrence.

There are several ways to wash your window screens, but the quickest way to wash screens is to remove them from one side of the house at a time and line them up against a wall under a porch—assembly line style—or wash them inside the bath tub. If you wash them in the bath tub, you may want to label the screen with the corresponding window with a pencil in order to return the screen to the same window after cleaning it. Use warm water and any screen cleaning solution or good old soap and water or fresh smelling Pine Sol in warm water. To vacuum, attach a brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner and vacuum both sides of the screen; or to brush clean use a nylon brush to gently scrub off the dust or grime on both sides of the screen. Be careful not to press too hard fraying the screens or causing them to bulge out of the channel, but apply enough pressure to remove any debris on the screen. Once you have removed the dust from both sides of the screen, use the spray hose to wet the screen; then scrub both sides of each screen using the nylon brush and soapy warm water. Be sure to clean the corners and the edges of your screen with your brush, gently scrubbing evenly to remove the grime evenly throughout the screen. Then, rinse the suds off with the spray water hose and dry the screens with an old towel or allow the screens to dry in the sun while you move on to wash the next screen.

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