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Decorative Fireplace Screen

        Fireplaces give your home an inviting ambiance of warmth and hospitality.  Decorative fireplace screens make the fireplace safe to use while enhancing your room décor.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

        Fireplace guards are an essential accessory for fireplaces because they serve many purposes. Fireplace screens protect your small children and pets from getting burned by preventing them to get too close to the fire. Sparks often fly out from burning logs and can cause harm to children, pets, or furniture nearby. Fireplace screens act as a fireplace guard to contain sparks within the fireplace and prevent fires from starting in your home; otherwise, without this accessory, burning logs inside your home would be at a great risk. 

        Fireplace screens come in many styles and shapes which can consist of hanging screens, different types of round or flat decorative fireplace screens or decorative glass doors and also come in many attractive styles.  Decorative fireplace screens are very practical because there is more of a variety in designs to fit your décor, they keep your room tidy by hiding ashesand they decorate your fireplace year round.   has now added decorative fireplace screens to our fine selection of mesh screens. As an introductory offer, we are offering 25% discount off our already low-priced decorative fireplace screens.  This coupon offer will be good until the end of December.  Shop our online store for our latest addition of decorative fireplace screens and save money.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and prompt delivery of merchandise.  Our fireplace guards normally ship within 2 to 4 days from date of order.  So look through our fine selection of ornate fireplace guards and decorate the fireplace to match your furnishings.  Don’t use your fireplace only for the winter—showcase your home all year round. Adorn your fireplace with decorative fireplace screens and fireplace accessories.

Florentine Fireplace ScreenFlorentine Fireplace ScreenMade of wrought iron measuring 46 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep x 31 1/2" high
Lone Star Fireplace ScreenLone Star Fireplace ScreenWhen side panels are open, the screen is 51" in width. Each side panel is 12 1/2" long x 27" high. Entire height is 35".

Rustic Forest Fireplace ScreenRustic Forest Fireplace ScreenMeasures 54" wide x 1/2" deep x 32 1/2" high.. Weight is 10 lbs.
Tuscan-Design Fireplace ScreenTuscan-Design Fireplace ScreenMeasurements: 44 1/2" wide x 1" deep x 30 3/4 high.
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