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View all frequently asked questions from our customers, and the answers to them.

How do I contact to place an order or contact or ask further questions regarding their product?

  1. Use our online ordering system.
  2. Contact us at
  3. Fax us your order worksheet to 888-413-6872.
  4. Call us at 866-810-5376.

Do you give quantity discounts?
Yes! Contact us for a discount quote on large quantity items, and we will quote you a discount price according to your order size.

Do you sell partial rolls of screen material?
Yes!  We sell partial rolls on a limited basis. Depending on the product, we can cut rolls to length size. Call us for cut-to-size rolls or pieces.

Retractable Screen Door FAQ
 What are the maximum dimensions both width and height of your doors?
Single doors - 48” width x 96” height
French doors – 96” width x 96” height (two pair of doors 48” w x 96”h)
(Note: Single doors up to 60” x l20” and French doors up to l20” x 120” may be fabricated but will not be covered under our standard warranty.)

Will you sell to the homeowner/consumer?
We welcome orders from all consumers including homeowners, property management companies, as well as contractors.

Can you substitute different screen material?
We can substitute the 20x30 mesh special fiberglass screen – Maximum 42” width per door. We can also substitute the following sun-control screening: Textilene 80, Textilene 90, Sunscreen, Super Solar, or Pet Screen – Maximum 36” width per door.

How do I measure the door opening?
See the Roll-Away product you are interested in and click on “How to Measure” for complete instructions.

What can I do if my door jamb is too small to recess mount the Roll-Away Screen Door?
The door jamb or brick mould must have a minimum of 1 ¼” to recess mount the product. If the door jamb does not have this clearance, the Roll-Away Screen Door may be surface mounted on the outside of the jamb. See architectural details under “Surface Mount” and “Interior Mount”.


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