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65% Solar Screen Rolls65% Solar Screen Rolls
Price varies on size ranging from 36" x 25' for $56.00 to 96"x100' for $537.00.
75% Sun Guard Solar Screen Rolls75% Sun Guard Solar Screen RollsPrice varies on size ranging from 36" x 100' for $201.00 to 96" x 100' for $480.00

Solar Screen

Our solar screens offer different intensitities of UV blockage to suit your needs and pocketbook. Our selection of solar screens allow you the exact amount of light you want filtered from that window that gets a lot direct sunlight.  

Browse through our selection of solar screens to cover your windows and doors.  Solar window screens improve the appearance of your home when used to cover entire windows.  Solar screens also offer daytime privacy, as well as protect your furnishings and flooring from fading, and will save you money on energy consumption.  You can also use solar screens for window shades to give you protection from harmful UV sun rays and give you the choice of pulling the shades up for a clearer view of the outdoors when sunlight is no longer glaring directly through your window.  Buy from our selection of solar screens today.

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